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Elevate customer satisfaction with our solutions, offering online scheduling, appointment reminders, secure text messaging, and digital patient portal.

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Online Scheduling

Attract new patients and drive patient retention with a seamless, 24/7 scheduling system that makes booking in-person or telehealth visits easy and reduces administrative burden for staff.

  • Enhanced Accessibility: Online scheduling provides 24/7 access, allowing patients to book appointments at their convenience, resulting in an increase in appointment bookings.

  • Efficient Time Management: It streamlines appointment management, reducing administrative time spent on scheduling.

  • Reduced No-Shows: Online scheduling includes automated reminders, leading to a decrease in appointment no-shows.

  • Data-Driven Insights: It provides data-driven insights, helping optimize appointment slots and improve scheduling.

  • Competitive Edge: Utilizing online scheduling offers an advantage in patient acquisition and practice growth.

Reliable, Timely and Automated.

Appointment Reminders

Automate SMS and email appointment reminders to reduce late appointments, no-shows, and cancellations. Staff can review confirmations in real-time and spend more time on other critical tasks.

  • Improved Attendance: Automated appointment reminders lead to a reduction in appointment no-shows, ensuring a more efficient and effective schedule.

  • Enhanced Patient Engagement: Patients appreciate timely reminders, resulting in an increase in appointment confirmations and better patient-provider communication.

  • Streamlined Administrative Tasks: Automation reduces manual reminder efforts, freeing up staff for more critical tasks.

  • Efficient Resource Allocation: Data-driven insights from automated reminders help allocate resources effectively, optimizing scheduling and reducing wait times.

  • Competitive Edge: Utilizing automated appointment reminders offers an advantage in patient retention and practice growth.

All Messages in One Place


Reduce hold times, simplify transfers of important information, and streamline communication between your practice and patients through two-way text messaging, call-to-text, and web-to-text.

  • Efficient Patient Communication: Communication tools reduce response times, ensuring patients receive timely assistance and information.

  • Enhanced Patient Engagement: They lead to an increase in patient engagement, fostering better relationships and communication between patients and providers.

  • Streamlined Administrative Tasks: Communication tools streamline administrative communication, saving manual effort spent on patient communication.

  • Data-Driven Insights: Insights from communication data help improve decision-making, leading to more targeted and effective patient interactions.

  • Competitive Edge: Utilizing communication tools offers an advantage in patient satisfaction and practice growth.

Access Health at Your Fingertips

Patient Portal

Attract new patients and drive new business online with full-scale reputation management, automated patient surveys that drive more positive reviews, and a simple dashboard that makes it easy to monitor your reputation and respond to feedback.

  • Enhanced Patient Engagement: Patient portals lead to an increase in patient engagement, providing a convenient and accessible platform for communication and information access.

  • Efficient Communication: They reduce administrative communication time, allowing staff to focus on more critical tasks while patients can easily access their records and request appointments.

  • Empowered Patients: Patient portals empower patients to manage their health better, resulting in an increase in patient self-care and adherence to treatment plans.

  • Data-Driven Insights: Insights from patient portal usage data help improve care strategies, enabling providers to deliver more personalized and effective care.

  • Competitive Edge: Utilizing patient portals offers an advantage in patient retention and practice growth.

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